My current fee for the initial diagnostic evaluation or intake session is $200. This includes the time I spend in scoring any evaluation measures, review of past records, phone calls with individuals such as teachers and physicians, and taking full history. 

 Administration, scoring, and interpretation of psychological tests are charged at $200 per hour. Payments are due at the time that services are provided unless special circumstances require an alternate payment schedule. In case of minor children, the parent who brings in the child for treatment or an evaluation is responsible for payment.
I accept Premera Blue Cross, Regence, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  If I am not in your provider network, I will supply documentation, which you can present to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Please be aware that educational testing is not covered by most insurance plans because it is not considered to be a medical necessity. If you wish to include educational testing in the assessment, you will have to pay for it out-of pocket. 

                                                                   Dr. Tatyana Shepel, Licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist